Monday, June 22, 2009

2:30am Saturday Morning

Setting: A not often enough laid man in bed half awake with a very hot 'friend' sleeping on his chest.

*vibration* .. The man rolls over, perplexed thinking that all the toys had been turned off. Oh, it's the cell phone. Quick internal dialogue about how to dislodge the woman occurs before the man reaches down to the floor to reach the phone, marginally missing a tumble off the bed. Woman stirs, man pressed the phone against the bed so the light doesn't wake sleeping hot woman.

Man .. reading message with a hrm.. "Are you awake?". Man taps out a quick reply thinking that maybe the woman is in the trunk of some kidnappers car. "Yes, you ok?" ( Yes, because this man is EXACTLY who this woman would message in such a scenario ). The reply comes. "I'm so drunk". The man now laughs out loud, causing hot woman to again stir. A quick banter goes back and forth. Woman on phone is drunk, man in bed is amused, but smiling.

drunk girl. "So, take the phone outside, I want phone sex" ( that might be a paraphrase ). The vibration and audible gasp of excitement from the man again causes hot sleeping woman to stir. The man thinking he sees one of her eyes open has a decision to make.

Tell me, followers and friends ..

Does the man go outside with some hot phone sex or does the man stay in bed with the hot woman for some more sex?

Looking forward to your opinions!

Oh yes, this is a completely hypothetical scenario and any resemblance to people you may know is absolutely coincidental. *snicker*.


  1. LMFAO...

    What man would leave an in the flesh woman for phone sex? If she was asleep...maybe.

    Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

  2. You HAVE to know what the answer to that is!!

  3. And hmm, you would probably just phone fuck in bed, with hot woman beside you and if she didn't like it, pull one of your famous, sadistic mind fucks on her until she was kneeling at your feet, thanking you for letting her listen in. ;P

  4. *smirks* for P.Mama. Remember that time ....

  5. Hahaha! Famous sadistic mind fuck? Uh oh.

  6. owo- Do you feel like you've missed out on something?


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